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Insomnia really does affect your daily function

Insomnia is awful.  And it is sneaky, affecting your life in multiple ways:

1. You feel irritable.
Exhaustion from a sleepless night can lead to irritability every once in awhile. However, for those with insomnia, their irritability is more frequent and potent. Being constantly annoyed makes it difficult to maintain healthy relationships with friends and family and live a positive, fulfilling life.

2. You lose interest in people and hobbies.
People with insomnia report feeling flat, down or disinterested in activities they once enjoyed. These feelings could stem from exhaustion or from depression that often accompanies insomnia. Many of the symptoms of depression and insomnia overlap making it difficult to determine if depression is contributing to poor sleep.

3. You can’t concentrate.
Sleep is an important time for rejuvenating. Without enough sleep, processing and focusing slow dramatically, making it difficult to concentrate even on simple tasks.

4. You feel worse about your other symptoms.
If you have other chronic conditions like migraines or back pain, insomnia makes those symptoms feel more severe. Lack of sleep increases pain perception making individuals more aware of other symptoms.

5. You find yourself dragging and sluggish.
Many people with insomnia lack the motivation to complete daily tasks, which can put a huge strain on their lives. This lack of motivation is because of their lower energy level which stems from a loss of sleep.

Life can be hard enough without having to do it while exhausted! Insomnia is a treatable disorder. With the right support you can be getting more joy out of life. Call us today for an appointment!


Angelo Sambunaris, M.D.

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