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Opioid Addiction

Dr. Sambunaris & Associates

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Scientists developed opioid medications to relieve pain and encourage recovery, but the addictive effects of opioids had unintended consequences. Now millions of Americans are struggling with opioid addiction. At Dr. Sambunaris & Associates in Alpharetta, Georgia, psychiatrist and lifestyle wellness specialist Angelo Sambunaris, MD, offers treatment of opioid addiction. Call or use the online booking tool to request your consultation today.

Opioid Addiction Q & A

What are opioid medications?

Opioids are a type of prescription drug designed to relieve pain. When an opioid enters your bloodstream, it lowers the number of pain signals your body sends to your brain. This releases endorphins which help you feel better.

Doctors regularly prescribe opioids following dental extractions and oral surgery, painful injuries, and chronic ailments like cancer. Opioid medications are also prescribed after orthopedic and traditional open surgery.

Opioids are safe and generally well-tolerated, but if you don’t follow your physician’s instructions, it’s possible to become addicted.

What are the symptoms of opioid addiction?

Opioid addiction typically develops over an extended period. The first step in the recovery process is to admit that you have a problem.

The most obvious sign of opioid addiction is being unable to stop using the medication. You could also notice that you have to take more and more of the drug to get the same effect.

Other common symptoms of opioid addiction include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Mood swings
  • General irritability
  • Anxiety attacks

As opioid addiction progresses, it’s common for people to make poor decisions and stop showing up to work, school, and other normal responsibilities.

Can anyone become addicted to opioids?

Yes. Opioid medications work by creating artificial endorphins. If you use an opioid long enough, your body starts relying on these artificially produced endorphins. When this happens, your brain can stop producing natural endorphins altogether.

Anyone prescribed opioids is at risk of addiction, so don’t be afraid to seek professional help.

Should I stop taking opioids on my own?

No. If you have an opioid addiction, stopping cold turkey can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. If you think you have an opioid addiction, Dr. Sambunaris can work with you to develop a treatment plan that can get you off the drug gradually.

How is opioid addiction treated?

Dr. Sambunaris has extensive experience treating men and women with opioid addictions. He offers prescription medications methadone and naltrexone but will also recommend treating your addiction through healthy lifestyle changes like better nutrition and regular exercise.

Dr. Sambunaris is also proud to offer patients access to ketamine therapy, which can ease compulsive overthinking and make recovery easier.

If you’re struggling with opioid addiction, call or use the online booking tool to request your consultation today.