Does My Child Have Depression?

Discussing depression with your children is always a difficult discussion to have, but also incredibly important. The markers of depression often go unnoticed in children due to their usual abundance of energy or positive attitudes. Shockingly enough, 60% of teens and children with depression are not being given help that they need!


Summer is a happier time for children and teens in general: no school, hanging out with friends, and playing by the pool. Nonetheless, it is crucial to know the signs of depression in your children, whether they are in school or not.


Signs and Symptoms of Depression in Teens and Children:



Depression is a medical condition that can be treated when cared for correctly. If you recognize any of these signs or symptoms in your teen or child, call the Institute for Advanced Medical Research at770-817-9200 to learn more about how to best to treat depression in your teen or child.

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